The E&A CFO Group enhances clients’ success by working with them to understand and accomplish the clients’ goals. Numerous clients have commented: “That’s the first time an accountant wanted to know our mission,”; “Nobody has asked us this many questions about our business before.”; and “You don’t make me feel dumb like my last accountant did.”

That’s because these concepts are crucial to how we work with clients:

  • Caring about your mission and goals and collaborating effectively to achieve them. We seek optimal outcomes within clients’ need for peace of mind.
  • Adapting solutions. Of course, we follow IRS rules and make recommendations and suggestions, but we focus on outcomes that meet your needs.
  • Understanding your core competency is not the same as ours, and vice versa. We handle activities you don’t have the unique expertise, time, and/or desire to handle by being your “Finance guy down the hall.” We can’t do what you do, so let us do what we do best.

Those who don’t investigate opportunities lose. As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Specific Success Stories

Proactively obtaining huge Employee Retention Credits

Very early, E&A saw ERC’s impact on its clients and quickly chose to make ERC a core competency for both existing clients and others. ERC is in addition to PPP; is completely confidential; and is not restricted in its use.

To date, E&A has filed claims for almost $50 million, of which, the IRS has already paid over $24 million. Individual client claims range from $20,000 to over $4 million. Our clients typically receive $250,000 to $1,500,000. Most importantly E&A has not had a single claim denied by the IRS.

  • A private St. Louis High School – One of E&A’s first school ERC clients referred another respected, private high school to E&A. The second school had been hesitant about ERC. After a conference call with E&A, our in-depth analysis determined the school qualified easily. The school’s CFO sought greater assurance via second conference call with E&A, and the school’s department heads for athletics, campus ministry, academics, development, and admissions. All parties concluded the school qualified under the partial suspension of operations test. The school received almost $2 million of ERC.
  • Maritime Services Company – A one-time E&A client turned to us again for ERC based on their CPA’s recommendation because COVID seriously impacted the company’s business. With E&A’s guidance, the client’s drop in revenue, and its excellent record-keeping solidly supported a $1+ million claim for 2020 and 2021. Both the client and the referring CPA firm were very grateful for E&A’s work.
  • Florida High School – A Florida private school referred to E&A by another ERC client received $1.5 million of ERC refunds. The school was confident in its eligibility, but needed E&A to calculate the claim and, especially, to document its case properly. The school was so pleased when ERC funds arrived that it asked E&A’s president to visit their campus to see how the funds would impact the school.

These client’s strong trust and confidence in us resulted in many more ERC referrals. In fact, all of our clients resulted from prior experience with E&A or a client’s referral. E&A hasn’t advertised at all.

Past Experience with Specialized Tax Credits

A client experiencing explosive growth hired E&A to provide Rent-A-CFOSM services. While not remotely part of that engagement, E&A quickly realized the client’s pioneering technology qualified for over $500,000 of Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits for that client. 

Because E&A moved quickly, we obtained $400,000 of tax refunds with a total credit over $500,000. The two owners were so (pleasantly) stunned they asked, “Are you sure this is legal?” Coincidentally, the client’s growth had triggered an IRS audit for the years E&A was obtaining refunds. E&A successfully pressed the IRS auditor to include the R&D credits in his audit to eliminate the owners’ concerns; obtain precedent with the IRS, and bullet-proof the client’s refunds. This engagement led to even larger R&D tax credit project at a company founded by an executive of the first company.