Performed exclusively by The E&A CFO Group’s affiliate, Eckelkamp & Associates, CPAs

Obtain the appropriate level of assurance about the financial information you use and provide to others. Our services are scaled to meet exactly the level of your need, whether that’s a full scope audit, a review, or a specified procedures engagement. Our primary niches for audits are not-for-profit organizations and certain employee benefit plans. Other areas of specialization are Missouri state historic property rehabilitation credit audits and reviews of financial statements. Among the services E&A provides are:

  • Full scope opinion
  • Specified procedures engagement for single purpose reports.
  • Limited scope employee benefit plan audits.           
  • Reviews for those not needing a full audit, but wanting some level of assurance.
  • Compiling financial statements for outside users.    
  • Meeting financial institution, regulatory, and grant funding source reporting requirements.

E&A's approach uses a business perspective designed to focus on those issues really important to your business. Of course, our audits objectively assess the reasonableness of your financial information. But, we also direct the process so it becomes even more valuable by identifying opportunities and providing insight. That includes a separate ”opportunities” letter for your consideration that we discuss in detail with you.