E&A is committed to helping you achieve financial success within your practice. Services range from traditional accounting and tax support to payroll processing to serving as a member of senior management.

Our trained team understands the challenges your practice faces within its industry, such as increasing costs, healthcare reform, and revenue collection. As a result, we provide you with industry-specific business expertise and work with you throughout the year to deliver the tools, resources, and ideas you need to build and maintain a thriving practice. Even more importantly, our team delivers the business acumen and insights they don’t teach in most professional schools.

Our accountants provide robust and efficient financial and accounting solutions that allow you to focus on what’s important to you. With extensive experience in the healthcare and professional practices, we are intimately familiar with your day-to-day operations, overhead structure, billing processes, staffing requirements, and more.

E&A’s experienced professionals provide insightful feedback and break down complex data into practical information to help you make sound business decisions and operate profitably. Through careful planning and analysis, together we determine your needs and create a personalized service package to keep you on track toward a more profitable practice. We can achieve that through revenue enhancement, patient/client behavior modification, expense control, etc.

E&A’s professional practices segment includes medical practices, attorneys, other CPAs, surveyors, engineers, and similar professionals because, while their needs and challenges differ, medical and professional practices share common characteristics. The business operations of professional services providers—both individuals and firms—are more alike than they are different.

Medical and Professional practices deliver knowledge and expertise—not tangible products—so, what they “sell” can walk out the door and it’s often difficult to achieve economies of scale. They have been a core business segment since E&A’s inception because their financial, management, and leadership challenges require specialized knowledge.

For 25+ years, E&A has developed and delivered specialized expertise to help professionals and their practices succeed. That allows you to focus on what’s important to you—your practice. Even more importantly, our team delivers the business acumen and insights they don’t teach in professional schools. For example, we help craft pricing strategies to drive customer behavior to meet your wishes. Many clients have been able to drastically reduce appointment “no-shows” by implementing a pricing strategy E&A recommended.