The E&A Difference

The E&A CFO Group's team members are talented generalists, each with their own core specialties, who understand how people inside an organization think. By combining these talents and utilizing our network of allied professional services firms, E&A meets changing service needs, including rapid growth and turnaround/crisis intervention situations. Because we’re proud of, and enjoy working with, our clients, we enthusiastically help you achieve your goals. The E&A difference is the commitment and value we bring to every engagement through deep and broad client relationships, not one-dimensional transactions. Clients often comment on E&A's "personal and passionate professionalism." Simply put: character matters!

Knowledge and insight are intangible products—and what we provide to clients. We know we must share that knowledge with you in meaningful and useful ways to have value. The E&A team continually looks for ways to deliver that knowledge and insight in a valuable manner, and to learn from clients by providing frequent opportunities for them to give us feedback. Every year, the entire E&A team meets off site to take a hard look at ourselves and answer several questions:

  • Why do clients choose to work with us?
  • How are we different from other firms?
  • How can we offer clients a better experience?

While these answers do not always come easily, the process continually adds capabilities and enhances the ways we interact with you. And it reinforces our commitment to clients, old and new, to listen to your concerns, learn about your situation, analyze your needs, and do what it takes to provide the service you need. As Steven Covey says, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood".